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Medical Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy body weight is one of the important prerequisites for healthy living. This weight management program helps to keep away the diseases or medical conditions that try to poke their way into the body as a result of improper weight management. Further, medical weight management also acts as a health regaining strategy for those who likes to live fit and healthy.

Medical weight management program offered by Westave health center is an excellent program for people who want to reduce or eliminate the chances of the development of any medical condition that results from improper weight management.

  • Medical weight management program of Westavehealthcenter consist of: Nutritional counseling, Prescription medication, and Personal fitness training
  • Healthcare providers of this program give strong motivation and moral support to be successful.


Before starting this program, every individual is evaluated and checked to find the cause of their weight loss or weight gain. The most important reason to be successful with this program is to find the exact cause of weight change.

Nutritional counseling:

Westave health center does not merely say what you should do. But, this program is specially designed to address all of the problems that can be encountered during the weight management. Every aspect of the problem is beforehand dealt by professionals who are specialist in these fields. One of the important professionals is a nutritional counselor. Nutritional counseling is essential to this medical weight management as the conflict of what should eat, when should eat and how should eat can only be addressed by the nutritional counselors or nutritionist. This counseling helps the person who undergoes this program to have sound knowledge about what he/she is doing and also this counseling helps to keep all the individual choices that are necessary to be incorporated in the program. This nutritional counseling gives not only materialistic information but also offers strong moral support to begin this program.

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