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Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you are a woman or a man finishing your late forties, it is not a surprise that your body is experiencing some hormonal imbalances. As you advance in age, your hormone production will be reduced as a result of the aging process. Especially, women face a lot of daily challenges to keep up their daily routines during their menopause. The single best solution for all discomfort that is caused by hormonal disbalances is treating the body using the same hormones.

With the advancement of the medical field, hormonal therapy is renowned for helping men and women in a very effective way. Hormone therapy uses natural hormones, and both men and women may benefit from it. Women will be administered with female hormones while men with male hormones.  However, these procedures are only carried out under the guidance of a medical professional, and at Westave Health Centre we guarantee the safety of the procedures and treatments because our specialists are well experienced in this filed.

If you are experiencing your menopause symptoms; hot flashes, virginal dryness, fatigue, increased sweating, your only solution could be hormone replacement. Our health center carries out hormone replacement therapy procedures specialized for women in their menopause. For this, our doctors use bio-identical female hormones to suppress the symptoms. Doctors at Westave health center will help you decide your treatment considering the information that is collected during your first visit.

Andropause is an age-related condition that causes sexual dysfunctions in aging men. This creates a state of a low level of male hormones in the body resulting in a low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, lack of energy, mood swings, increased body fat and depression. While andropause can affect a man psychologically as well as socially, many men consider undergoing hormone replacement treatments to achieve the lost quality of life again.

Westave health center stands out from the others due to the use of advanced treatment options. Our doctors use pellet therapy instead of the regular oral hormonal medications to treat hormonal disbalances. Pellet therapy implants small pellets with bio-identical hormones under your skin – mainly around the hip. This allows your body to receive a same amount of hormones throughout the day and avoid any hormone-level roller coaster that occurs when you take oral hormones. The best thing about pellets is that they use bio-identical natural compounds, which means they resemble the structure of the hormones that are naturally produced in your body. Unlike the synthetic hormonal pills that are in common use, these pellets contain natural products from plant sources. This increases the effectivity and safety while reducing many side effects.

Getting started with your hormone therapy treatments is as easy as any other regular consultation. On your first visit, our doctors will evaluate all the necessary information and will discuss the treatment options specified for you. Depending on the severity of the symptoms the dose and the length of the treatments will be determined. At Westave health center we consider your wellness a priority! Call us today to learn more about our services.

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