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Modern Anti-Aging Treatments

Surprisingly, since your mid-twenties, your body regularly starts the process of aging. so, you may notice aging signs as wrinkles, pigmentation disorders…etc. depending on your health and lifestyle. Both physical and mental stress in addition to your diet habits and lifestyle are factors that determine the speed of your aging process. Although cells aging is a natural process, besides monitoring your lifestyle recent anti-aging treatments have been developed to slow down this process helping you to look younger and healthier.

The area of how to look younger has been under research for a long time. As a result, several modern methods have been shown to bring magnificent effects on reducing the aging signs:

1# Skin Laser therapy:

Skin aging occurs due to exposure to multiple environmental factors such as exposure to the sun rays and pollution…etc. This negatively affects collagen production which is the main protein responsible for a healthy-looking skin. so, wrinkles and skin disorders start to appear due to this disruption in collagen production.

In Westave health center, a technique called CO2 fractional laser therapy treatment is used to focus laser beams on outer skin layers creating small holes. Subsequently, more rapid production of collagen happens to reduce wrinkles and retain a younger skin appearance. This technique is one of the most recently developed anti-aging laser therapy with less invasive mechanisms, cost-effective and maximum results. It may take one to two session of CO2 fractional laser therapy to achieve the required effect.

2# Botox:

Being one of the most popular anti-aging therapies, Botox therapy is performed in Westave health center by professional clinicians bringing out its maximum benefits. Botox injections help reduce wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity by paralyzing facial muscles. So, wrinkles disappear as the muscle has stopped moving. Recently, researchers are working on the area of proving that Botox can be used even before the appearance of wrinkles as a way of prevention. This can be achieved by the role of Botox to increase the elastic properties of the skin. Therefore, this technique is still having a wide reputation among other anti-aging therapies as about 5 million US citizens used this treatment according to the American Society of Plastic surgeons

3# Dermal Fillers:

Our professional staff in Westave health center inject fillers such as Perlane, Juvéderm, Artifill, and Radiessea as less invasive methods to volumize face skins without the unwanted results of surgeries. Thus, this technique can make your face appearance younger and natural depending on the filling features of these materials. Some fillers also as Juvéderm contain hyaluronic acid which boosts collagen production and reduce collagen breakdown. So, when using fillers, you are not only getting their filling effect, but you get the benefits of enhancing collagen formation as well. Furthermore, the effect of filler injections may last up to more than one year, which can be considered one great benefits of this cosmetic therapy.

4# Antioxidants:

Thanks to antioxidants, the body is able neutralize free radicles that results from toxins and waste products of biological processes in human cells. Topical antioxidants are a great solution to get rid of free radicles preventing their harmful effects on the skin.

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