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West Ave Health and Aesthetic Center is specialized in providing high quality health care services to enhance overall health, beauty and confidence in patients. Located in the city of Houston, our clinic boasts about its practice in modern medical treatments and advanced techniques. We are recommended by patients due to the warm care and assistance our health care providers offer at each and every step of the journey of medical treatments.

As an aesthetic clinic, we specialize in providing non-surgical cosmetic treatments which are as effective as cosmetic surgical procedures. The products we use in these procedures are FDA approved and are listed as the best around the world. Focused on reversal of signs of aging, we carry out different anti-aging treatments such as laser treatments, chemical peels, microneedling, derma filling and Botox treatments. Our multiple approaches to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines give the patients a variety of treatment options. In each approach, the patients are provided with guidance and are evaluated on an individual basis to form a patient-oriented medical treatment that is very high in efficacy and significant in outcome. Other than the anti-aging skin treatments, we also provide laser hair removal treatments.

As a health center, we believe a systemic approach of a healthy lifestyle along with anti-aging treatments will be the best way to eliminate the problems that you face as you age. Therefore, we provide medical weight management, nutritional counseling, personal training and primary care services to make sure patients’ health is optimized and re-established in every possible way. Obesity and unhealthy lifestyle are the major reasons for many health problems and correcting them will allow you to live happily, freely and confidently, knowing that your outer body as well as your inner being is doing well. All patients are approached in an individual basis and provided with high quality care.

Hormonal treatments are another specialty at West Ave clinic. We provide Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and bio identical pellet therapy for men and women who are bothered by the signs and symptoms of hormonal decline. Women who are in their menopause and the women who had their menopause recently can benefit from estrogen replacement therapy. Men with decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, lack of energy, mood swings, increased body fat and depression as a result of low hormone levels can also benefit from male HRT procedures.

All the services at West Ave clinic is provided by well experienced specialists and under continuous guidance and follow-ups. The patients are enrolled with a consultation, where they are completely evaluated and their health needs are investigated. Our staff is friendly and professional and are available for your guidance during medical procedures. West Ave is a place for those who love their health and seek to live a confident and a happy life.

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